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Top 10 Website Design Best Practices for Local Businesses

You may own a business around Leeds, Yorkshire, or any other towns in the area. Or you might be trying to build your name as a brand to stand out from other professionals in your field. No matter what you are aiming for, the way your website is designed definitely makes a difference.

When it comes to website design, I would agree that every page needs to be appealing at first sight. But the word “design” covers not only the physical appearance but how everything works, as well.

If you’re on the lookout for a web designer in Leeds, these are the things you should consider

  • Responsive design

It’s all about mobile nowadays. Don’t make your page visitors squint and resize when they switch from their laptops to their smartphones. Your website should be able to respond according to the device being used, if it doesn’t then Google will penalise your site.

  • Call to actions that pop

Use contrasting colours. Then place it at the top of the site and throughout. Your main goal is to make sure the visitor’s eyes zoom right into the call to action the moment their eyes land on any page.

  • Strategic placement of contact information

Why wait for your visitors to move to your contact page? Have your contact information place in the header on every page so visitors are constantly reminded to contact you and can do so easily.

  • Keep the important information above the fold

Above the fold means the area of a webpage that is visible before any scrolling is needed (the top). Statistics show over 80% of the time on any site is spent in this area so it’s best practice to have your headline and call to action here. If a visitor only saw this part of your site would they be converted into a customer? If the answer is no then improvements are needed.

  • Easily accessible contact forms

Your contact form doesn’t have to be restricted to your contact page. Remember that sometimes, even the mere fact of having to click on the link to the contact page can make your visitors think twice. Seize the moment by allowing them to sign up anytime, anywhere.

  • High-resolution images

Humans are highly visual creatures. More often than not, our senses respond better to visual content over textual content. This is why you have to make sure that your images are not only highly relevant, but high-resolution as well.

  • Amazing sales copy

This is not the time to be conservative with your words. You have to make your audience think and be thrilled with every word they read. Add some personality to your sales copy and steer clear from the usual boring clichés your competition has already used. Follow the method of ADIA which stands for:

  1. Grab Attention
  2. Generate Interest
  3. Greate Desire
  4. Prompt to Action

The method we use to achieve this is as follows:

  1. Grab attention with a good headline and images
  2. Define the problem
  3. Explain your amazing solution
  4. Show proof and credibility that your solution works
  • Testimonials, reviews and accreditations

Credibility is something you need to make your audiences consider parting with their money and becoming your customers. By showing how happy other people are by your product/service/solution to their problem, your credibility is pulled up and your potential customers become more hopeful. Use testimonials, accreditations, certificates, known brands you’ve worked with and endorsements to name a few.

  • Functionality over looks

I cannot stress this enough. Your web pages may be the prettiest but if pages take a long time to load, or the way your pages are organized confuses people, the oohs and aahs will be gone just as quickly. The main goal of your website is to turn visitors into customers, don’t forget that when you are designing your website.

  • Tracking and monitoring of performance

How do you know that your Leeds web designer is doing it right? Make sure that you have a way to track and monitor your entire website’s performance. Know what your KPIs and targets are. This way, you also know what to tweak if something isn’t working right.

When a web designer in Leeds shows that they put a priority on these 10 best practices, then you’ll know that this is someone you want to work with. After all, your web design is an investment that could potentially grow your business. Make sure you choose the right partners and ensure success.

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