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Oxley Shutters is a section of OxleyDoors.co.uk that was not performing as well as other parts of their business. Although the company spent the same on advertising shutters as they did on the other areas of the business (garage doors and gates), the shutters area of the site was not converting visitors to buyers. 

Our solution was to provide a specific shutters landing page to direct their search engine adverts too. Although they were spending enough money on adverts which generated visitors the page they landed on was not effective at converting visitors into sales resulting in high opportunity costs.  

Omni Web Design Leeds created a new landing page designed specifically for converting visitors into buyers. We created OxleyShutters.uk to send all shutters advert traffic to. 

The new site produced a rapid and sustained improvement in the number of sales leads for Oxley Shutters. On average the increase was 6 to 8 times the number of sales leads per month through an increase in people leaving their contact information through the online forms and calling them directly via the prominent phone number.

We have tracked the improvement by using Google Analytics on both sites by utilizing tracking code to record every button click, form submission, phone call and email. 

The main improvements over the old landing page are as follows:

  • A shutter specific site for shutter specific adverts. This is fantastic continuity which is incredibly important for the user experience and sales funnel.
  • Accessible contact information at the top of the page with click to call enabled.
  • A contact form "above the fold" (before the visitors needs to scroll down).
  • Headlines that outline the 3 main selling points for Oxley Shutters.
  • Many call-to-action buttons with contrasting colours ensuring they stand out. 
  • A large contact form on the homepage.
  • 3 clear selling points highlighting why the visitor should buy from Oxley Shutters.
  • Visible trust elements such as their membership of the Door & Hardware Federation and CHAS Accreditation
    Many logos of known brands they work with.
  • Use of bullet points explaining why the visitor should choose them.
  • Testimonials on the homepage showing social proof.
  • Images of shutters previously installed by Oxley Shutters on the homepage

All the information a visitor needs in order to decide Oxley Shutters is the right company for them is provided for them on the homepage and it's very easy for visitors to contact Oxley Shutters once they have decided to do so.

This simple responsive website works incredibly well at converting visitors to buyers on mobile and desktop. It is a fantastic testament to the importance of website design with a focus on converting visitors into customers.


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Oxleyshutters Responsive site on different screens

Oxley Shutters Homepage
Oxley Shutters Homepage
Oxley Shutters Homepage
Oxley Shutters Homepage
Oxley Shutters Second Contact Form
Oxley Shutters Second Contact Form
Oxley Shutters Full Page
Oxley Shutters Full Page

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