Service Management System - Manage your annual services with ease


Service Management System

This a demonstration of the bespoke service management system we developed for a client. They needed a system to manage their clients who signed up for annual servicing for their garage door.

The requirements included:

  1. A signup page on the website
  2. A find address button
  3. Calculation of eligibility for 20% discount
  4. An admin backend for their staff to manage the data
  5. A secure database to store the data
  6. A way of managing duplicate product numbers/entries
  7. Search functionality to find information
  8. Sorting to view lists
  9. Automated emails after 11 months have elapsed since installation or last service to inform customers that Oxleys will be in touch soon.
  10. Multiple email templates, a standard email and one for those that are eligible for 20% discount.
  11. Flagging system to alert admin staff of who to contact after 11 months and 2 weeks has lapsed
  12. Ability to add multiple annual service information
  13. Comments section
  14. Delete ‘are you sure’ prompt so information isn’t accidentally deleted

Since implementation, the staff using the system asked for additional requirements which we implemented free of charge. Although the system was beta tested it’s often in actual use that you find other areas of improvement. The additions were:

  1. Short comments to be added to the main management table
  2. A delay feature so those that are flagged for contact can be put on delay if the customer has asked to get in touch at a later date (e.g. they are on holiday and back in a week).

The below video shows the system in action but for privacy reasons, I’ve had to blur out some of the information.

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