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Tomas George is a music producer, composer, sound engineer and educator based in who specialises in Digital Electronic Music.

He creates online tutorial production courses teaching Logic Pro X, Ableton Live and Music Theory. He currently has taught over 40,000 students in over 170 countries worldwide. 

He required a website revamp to increase the sales of his video courses. Omni Web Design Leeds designed a professional fast loading website based on Tomas's requirements and ideas. The site is heavily influenced by www.tailopez.com and www.joeparys.com. The majority of the site is based on Tailopez.com including:

  • The hero image banner and call to action (view courses)
  • The social media icons and real-time counts (using social media APIs) 
  • The 3 social media boxes near the footer which also pull in real-time social media updates from Instagram, Soundcloud and Facebook.

The course listing tiles are inspired by Joeparays.com, pulling real-time information from TomasGeorg's Udemy.com tutor profile to show:

  • The current numbers of students 
  • Current user ratings from Udemy.com
  • The course title and summary description.

The resources page was created to sell products recommended by Tomas George through his affiliate schemes, many of which are linked to Amazon.com. tomasgeorge.com/resources/ 

If you have an existing website that you need improving based on your suggestions and other sites you like please get in touch with Omni Web Design Leeds.

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Tomas George Responsive on different screen sizes

The site before we improved it
The site before we improved it
The site after we improved it
The site after we improved it
Resources Page with Affiliate Links
Resources Page with Affiliate Links
The Workshop Marketing Funnel
The Workshop Marketing Funnel

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