Performance Analysis & Improvement

Performance Monitoring and Analytics

Test, monitor and improve is the key to ensuring your site is as effective as possible and remains effective despite changes in trends and technology.


The only way to truly know if your site is performing at its maximum potential is to track its success. Omni Web Design Leeds set up powerful free analytic software that will monitor all aspects of your digital marketing funnel so you can diagnose issues and make improvements.


A typical monitoring setup would be:

1.     Adverts on search engines and social media (tracking impressions and click through rate)

2.     Media consumption such as YouTube videos and blog articles (tracking views, watch time, page visits and more).

3.     Email marketing (tracking bounce rates, open rates and link clicks)

4.     Website visits (tracking bounce rate, link clicks, downloads, signups and page visits)

5.   Setting up conversion goals and monitoring how many are achieved


Using free software provided by Google and other suppliers you can track how your site is used and gather valuable information about the people who visit your site. This will not only provide you with invaluable insight into your website's performance but also provide you with fantastic information about your customers and target market.


Google Analytics

Demographics – Age, Gender

Interests – (travel, entertainment, news, business, beauty etc)

Geo – Language, Location

Behaviour – New & Returning, Frequency & Recency, Engagement

Technology – Browser & Operating System, Network

Mobile – Devices (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Acquisition – search, social media, emails, direct, advert

Search Console – Landing pages, search queries

Behaviour - treemaps of root through the site, site speed, searches on the site, places clicked, things downloaded, exit pages, bounce rate, time on page, number of visits.


Tools such as Quantcast can shed even more light on your visitors' demographics. It provides information on their income level, education, automotive and entertainment choices and more.


Other analytical software

Tools like Inspectlet and HotJar offer heat maps showing what visitors read, where they looked and what they click on the most.

Omni Web Design Leeds will set up the tracking you need and create custom reports that clearly showing the information your business needs so you can quickly review performance based on the information you need. You will be able to draw conclusions from the data for improving future marketing strategies.


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