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You Need A Beautiful Website That Works

The site’s aim is to turn as many visitors into customers as possible. This is the job of an effective landing page. You also need people to find your site so search engine optimisation (SEO), marketing and advertising are also crucial. 

If people are finding your site and those people are converting into customers then your business will be successful. Our aim is to create the best possible websites for our clients to meet these two fundamental objectives. 

Your website does not act alone, it has to be an effective part of a sales funnel, in fact, your website is the most important part of your digital sales funnel. Below is a quote from DigitalMarketer.com, one of the leading digital marketing agencies online. 

"I've been in digital marketing for nearly 10 years now and I will tell you that there is no tool more important to your success than the landing page."

- Russ Henneberry
Director Digital Marketer 

For more information on digital marketing and why the website is so crucial see our digital marketing page.


Conversion Elements Your Site Needs

Your website needs a combination of proven conversion elements to have the maximum chance of converting visitors into customers. 

These include:

  1. A compelling headline that catches the visitor's attention.
  2. Strong call to actions throughout the site, particularly in at the top.
  3. Custom button text with contrasting colours for more effective call to actions 
  4. Great sale copy that grabs their attention, defines their problem, explains your incredible solution and shows proof and credibility that your solution and your business can solve that problem. 
  5. Clear descriptions of the features and benefits with the use of bullet points.
  6. Trust elements such as accreditations, qualifications, testimonials, known brands you’ve worked with etc.
  7. A clear objective with minimal distractions from the site’s core purpose. Advertisement landing pages need minimal links and other pages, they should be designed so the visitor has one option, to get in touch. Websites that need to be SEO friendly need the right balance between content and keeping the visitor on the path to contacting your business. 
  8. Clear and concise information with brand consistency and advertisement consistency.
  9. Submission forms that make it easy for the visitor to get in touch. 
  10. Analytics to monitor the performance of the site allowing us to make continuous improvements based on visitors' behaviour. We can track what they read, where they clicked, what their location, age and gender is, how they navigated the site and so much more! 


Example Of An Effective Landing Page Design

Click below to see an example of how a high conversion website can be laid out.

Omni Web Design Leeds landing page example thumb

This is only an example, we will consult with you to help develop a site that you like and that fits in with your marketing and business strategy. Whatever you need we can provide.

All our websites are created with search engine optimisation in mind so speed, compressed images good hosting and effective page names and titles will be applied. For more information on this please see our digital marketing page.

To learn more about how we use monitoring software to review performance, understand your target market and improve your site over time please see our performance analysis and improvement page.

If you would like to talk to us about any of this or have your current website checked for conversion recommendations please contact us.

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Omni Web Design Leeds landing page example

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